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116-Military Passenger Plane Crashes



The wreckage of the 116-Military Passenger Plane that reported as missing yesterday have been discovered in the Andaman Sea. About 15 children were among the passengers on board the aircraft. The plane, with 122 people on board including crew members, lost contact 29 minutes after taking off from the coastal town of Myeik.

Wreckage of the plane was found around this morning, while the weather condition around the region may make it increasingly difficult to find more bodies as torrential rainfall is expected around the area shortly. The plane was reportedly flying at an altitude of 18,000 feet. Nine Navy ships and three airplanes are searching for the plane in the Andaman Sea to the south of Yangon.

The aircraft was a Chinese-made Shaanxi Y8-200F four-turboprop plane. It had recently been purchased and logged 809 flight hours.

Given the season and satellite imagery CNN meteorologist Tom Sater says he wouldn’t rule out storms being the cause for the aircraft’s failure. Sater said, “This is the wet season and thunderstorms and showers do develop but nothing significant was noted at the time the plane went missing, if the pilot entered this region at 18,000 feet, the aircraft is going to enter tropical rains so it could have been that there was a downburst or heavy rainfall. We know in the next 24-48 hours there will be more rain at the site that they have the six vessels, could see another 80-120 mm (3.1 – 4.7 in) of rainfall.”






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