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3 Hidden Truths No One Will Tell You About Waist Trainers



“Having a flat sexy tummy to make you feel good about yourself and to show off to the world is one of the major reasons many Nigerian women are hitting the gym and eating healthy”.

And this has led to the invention of Waist Cincher popularly known as waist trainer, it is very attractive giving that “hour-glass” figure many ladies dream of and this trend has gain endorsements from many celebrities but efore you get carried away with the frenzy of this trend and purchase a Waspie for your waist, here are a few things you should consider.

It Is Beauty With Dangerous Pain: Compressing your waist areas, for hours, could be very dangerous, anything posing as a danger to your health is a pain you shouldn’t take for beauty’s sake; it restricts your movements and if you wear it really tight and for long hours or months it could make breathing difficult and possibly cause a rib damage as well as other physiological damages and although it has been said that permanent health consequences only occur in an extreme circumstance where the waist trainer is overly tight, but it is believed that pelvic and abdominal organs can shift during waist trainer use”.

It Weakens Your  Core Muscles: “Waist cinchers give external support for loose muscles around your waist and this can be a temporary waist support for women in need of some form of support around their waist, particularly women who just delivered; prolonged use of this external support could weaken the core muscles in the stomach area which are necessary for tightening your abs so, in other words, you won’t be able to work out effectively to get the abs you desire because your core muscles are already weak from unnecessarily prolonged support”.

It Will Not Permanently Alter The Shape Of Your Body: “Despite the hype surrounding the lasting effects of a waist trainer, women will not actually see any long-term results in muscular development or weight loss, adding that once the trainer comes off, the body will go back to its natural shape; while you’re wearing it, your waist will be smaller when you cinch it in, but after you take it off, there’s going to be no difference”.





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