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3 Reasons Why Yorubas Are Generally, The Most Intelligent In Nigeria



When it comes to the classroom, the Yorubas of Nigeria stay winning.
This is an unarguable fact.
But why is it so one wonders?

1. The Arrival of Western Education: The British first set up schools in the Western parts of the country and it is little wonder that the Yoruba man or woman is the most interested in going to school. Every Yoruba family has a professor here or a PhD holder there and they never relent in their pursuit of education.

2. Their Environment: Unlike in the east where you grow up amongst traders, the Yoruba from infancy, grows up seeing everyone busy and agile about school.
So it becomes a part of the child, the quest for knowledge.

3. Their Parents: You have a Yoruba family, father is an engineer, mother is a doctor, it is not rocket science then that the child turns out to be Albert Einstein II.
Genes play a very big role in their intelligence, traits which they have inherited from their parents.

P.S: This post does not in any way undermine the intellectual capabilities of people from other tribes.





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