4 Weird Ways You Can Catch STIs Without Having S3x


“Technically it’s possible to catch an STI without having s3x, even if you’re a virgin so if you want to avoid getting infected, it’s important to know what kind of everyday behaviour might put you at risk”.

“Knowing this also helps to break the stigma that surrounds STDs and STIs, which is mainly that if you have one, you’re dirty and slutty and you should be ashamed of yourself”. There are some weird ways you can contract a disease in your private part and listed below is part of them.

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Sharing razors: “There’s no need to share razors, especially when you’re increasing your risk of getting s3x infection because you tend to cut or nick your skin during shaving, you’re left vulnerable to infections left on the dirty razor by its rightful owner, shaving your pubes also increases your risk of catching an STI in general because it leaves your downstairs with irritated, broken skin”.

Kissing: “If you kiss someone with a cold sore, you become a carrier for the herpes disease, meaning you’re more likely to catch private part herpes through s3x”.

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Sharing towels: “Stick to using your own towel because some sneaky STIs thrive in damp, moist environments, particularly trichomoniasis, caused a tiny parasite, which can live outside the body for 45 minutes”.

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Oral s3x: “Although most people might not consider oral s3x to actually be “s3x” because it does not involve vag!nal penetration but it can still lead to the spread of STDs, an STD can be spread during oral s3x by contact with infected secretions and surfaces on the body”.


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