5 Health Issues You Can Blame Your Bad Mood On


Let’s face it, nobody want to see anybody when they are upset or angry but many social situations don’t allow us to be rude to people.

Here are a few excuses you can make blame your bad mood on.

Migraine: “The whole world knows that one shouldn’t disturb a person suffering from migraine, just tell them your head is as heavy as a lead and they’ll go away”.

Constipation: “Tell them you have a constipation issue and hence you shouted at them, they will forgive you”.

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Body aches: “Back ache, neck ache or just any part of your body, tell them that and you’ll get some time away from humans”.

Toothache: “Toothaches are horrible, you may just hold your hand in a gesture of you having toothache and you’re spared”.

Nausea: “All you have to fake is what the girl is doing in the picture and then people will give you your privacy”.

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