9 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog As A Pet


Getting a dog might sound awesome but you should know it takes a lot of work to effectively raise and breed one. Most people who get dogs as pets basically just leave the dogs to do whatever they wan’t and let the dogs raise themselves. Raising a dog can’t be compared to raising a child but it helps in a way. Before you buy or adopt a new puppy you should know these important things below.


1. DOG TEMPERAMENT: Make sure to pick a dog that can match your activity level. If you are an indoor person then adopt a French bulldog or a pug and not a retriever.

2. GIVING IT TIME: Training pups requires a lot of time and patience. If you don’t have it then choose an older house trained dog.

3. BEING COMMITTED: Owning a dog is a big lifetime commitment. Your new four legged friend will develop a strong bond with you and become a member of your family so you should be ready for the responsibilities involved in that.

4. ITS SIZE: If you are about to adopt a pup make sure you know how big it will be once it is an adult dog. If you live in a small apartment go for a smaller breed.

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5. EXERCISING WITH IT: Every dog needs exercise regularly. However that involves about just as much exercise for you too as running around a lively pup can be very exhausting, so be ready.

6. ITS HAIR: Getting a dog means you will have dog hair all over your house no matter the breed you pick.

7. ITS DENTAL HYGIENE: Yes,.. your dog needs to have his teeth cleaned too and no, he won’t be able to do it by itself. You’ll be the one who’ll take care of that.

8. FINDING IT A GOOD VET: Finding a good and experienced vet is one of the most important things you’ll need to do before bringing your new dog home.

9. FLEAS AND TICKS: Especially during warm sunny months, dogs are prone to attracting fleas and ticks. Learn how to check for them and how to remove them safely and properly.

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