A Nation Where Almost Everybody Is Angry, By Seye Ken

FG To Commence Registration Of Unemployed Nigerian Youths
Unemployed Nigerian youths

The healthy co-existence of a group of people depends largely on the quality of leadership and high level of tolerance. Good Leadership is said to be an essential tool for nation building, thus a nation lacking in good leadership, is gradually heading towards doom. When great leadership meet a people with relatively high tolerant culture, then such a nation is set out for exploits. However, the beginning of unrest in any nation will always be preceded by inequality in the system of governance and unjust treatment of the citizenry. In instances when some people feel marginalized, violence looms and tendency of social vices is high.

Hypothetically, it is possible for people of diverse ethnicity, different faith, and uncommon norms to live together in peace and harmony. For relative peace to be a reality, a siren environment where love can thrive must be put in place by leaders who have been appointed or elected to oversee the affairs of such a nation. When love, unity and good values are preached to people whose minds have been deluded such efforts would be futile.  However, the continuous existence of a nation is achievable when every of her inhabitant irrespective of class or tribe have a sense of belonging thus, anything short of this will give birth to an angry citizen.

Nigeria as of today is filled with so many agitations by different ethnic group, Mend in the Niger Delta, Biafra movement in the south east, OPC struggle in the south west and many more. Also, the activities of Boko Harm, militants and the continuous attack of herdsmen have daunted the National security, posing a greater threat on the national unity. But the question is, how did we get here? Why all these agitations?

Nigerians are lovely people, endowed with intellectual capacity and ready to live harmoniously with themselves but bad leadership at every level of governance has cost the nation the culture of communalism. What we have today is an exothermic nation where almost everybody is hurt and the reasons for this burning emotions among citizen has been neglected and unacknowledged.

To say the truth, no iron can be put in fire without radiating heat. This implies that when things become lopsided turbulence is definitely inevitable. when you have a nation where power generation has been presented as an impossible mission, a nation where politician are only generous during election and also explore rural areas during campaign, a nation where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer with the gradual extinction of the middle class, what will be the product of such a nation will surely be a reaction to these moral atrocities by the populace.This is because a Stimulus must definitely be seceded by a response.

Recent United Nation report about Nigeria by every standard is a definition of a sick nation, a reason why Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs model is not attainable. According to UN, youth unemployment is rated at 42%. Undoubtedly, this has create poverty, helplessness, despair and easy target for crime and terrorism. A monthly minimum wage below 70 dollars is an affirmation of poor standard of living and without missing words this will cause depression especially for a man who wants his children to possess every good things of life.

Let’s discuss about a nation which for decades failed to protect her environment, ecosystem and natural endowments as a result of over-exploitation of natural resources and pollution of the environment, bringing economic hardship on innocent farmers because of the inhuman activities that has reduced agricultural productivity to barely zero especially in the Niger delta. To be realistic, if we have a nation where there is no food security, it will be impossible to have creative mind due to the fact that man cannot think with an empty stomach, and we must not forget that a hungry man can double to be an angry specie. Nigeria remains a country where people have turn to refuges in their own land.

In the existence of a nation where for many years different segment of the country at different times have expressed the feelings of being marginalized, dominated, oppressed, threatened or even targeted for elimination the outcome of these, beyond doubt, would be an hostile citizen.  When you have a nation where her burgher have given up on the government and you see them providing for themselves shelter, power, road, education, security, food and many more without any help from the government and the same government want more from these people after betraying them, expecting them to pay tax and perform their civic responsibility diligently, how is that possible?

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If our leaders intend putting smiles on the face of Nigerians, they must first realize that corrupt and bad leadership is a crime to humanity. After that, they must without hesitation adopt the architectural plan our founding fathers designed for this nation; an incentive most of them enjoyed in their younger days. Most of our present day leaders enjoyed free education, free health care, and numerous limitless opportunities. However, they have deprived the present generation similar favorable circumstances.

As I draw close on this, let’s imagine a Nigeria where there is steady power supply, good road, good health care, quality education and an egalitarian society where rich and poor have the same stance under the law, definitely we will have a loving and fanatic citizens who will be ready to die for their fatherland because they are shareholders however, they have many things to lose if such a nation collapse.

On a final note, the present disposition by Nigerians can be justified because the people have been cheated, hurt, betrayed and short changed by our previous and present leaders at different sphere of leadership. Also, they brought this division and bitterness on us because this was not the future which the founding fathers had in mind. Our present day leaders must ensure that this nation called Nigeria work again. It must not get to a state where people think they have nothing to lose, and then it might be too late. Nigeria must continue to exist because if we spoil this place there will be no place to call our place. God bless Nigeria.


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