Boy Ditches Girlfriend In Hotel


By Bingham Aproko

My people, the resumption of school this new year came along with its share of news.
Story is making rounds on campus that a final year female student, mass communication department, was jilted by a guy in a hotel.
The gist is that she met up with this fellow student at a hotel, and they did the do. After everything, the guy told her he was going to get some snacks for her from a shop outside the hotel, and he never returned. She was then forced to pay the balance of the hotel bills as he paid only half when they checked in. Nawa, upon all her chubbies. Guys are scum ooo.
The guy has still not resumed, so the drama is not yet complete. But be assured we shall keep you updated on this campus gossip.
She’s popularly called Dee.
No bi mi tell you ooo *runs*

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A young girl going through a process, taking in oppositions in order to come out shining brighter and better.


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