Chapecoense’s Alan Ruschel Reveals SHOCKING Reason Why He Survived Plane Crash



Alan Ruschel with family remembers, manages a smile despite the tragic circumstances

Chapecoense left-back Alan Ruschel has revealed he only survived the plane crash because he agreed to swap seats with a journalist.

The 27-year-old is one of the three survivors of the plane crash that occured in Medellin, Colombia after the aircraft ran out of fuel.

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A novelty match was organised to honour the left-back who stepped back into the pitch for the first time after the crash. Brazilian stars like Dida, Zago and Dunga while  Uruguayan footballers Ruben Paz and Alvaro Recoba, and Argentine players Roberto Abbondanzieri, Juan Sebastian Veron, Roberto Ayala and Ariel Ortega, played in the match.

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Ruschel said: “This is the best feeling of the world, being able to be on the pitch again.

“God has given me a second chance to live. I am happy for this, now I need to be strong for the challenges that lie ahead of me.”

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Chapocense was given the Suda Americana trophy and also announced the arrival of three signings.

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