Church Outfit Ideas For The Last Sunday Of The Year (Photos)


Nothing makes us what we are except for God’s grace; we may have the best houses, clothes, cars, shoes etc. we may even appear “better” than others but the hidden truth is God’s unmerited favour which is why we have been privileged to be alive today and to prepare for the last Sunday in 2017.

God’s favour is to be sought after, God’s favour places you on a higher platform which initially you were not qualified for and as a form of appreciation you need to praise God with your spirit, soul and body. Here are some Church outfit ideas to go appreciate God with tomorrow in church. Be inspired.

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Bolanle Olukanmi (Credit via Instagram @bolintonini6dainiedesolamartha14350943_149151262209027_5078183431720927232_n14488291_325614011124887_4215906053411307520_n14359986_1066753820086558_259698212619681792_n14478358_251395788595371_6872456558505099264_n14504844_1658638387779533_9046680857573588992_n

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