Construction Tragedy: Engineers Abscond As Repair Work Commences On Killer Cables


Engineers failed to report on site for the second consecutive day after a fallen cable killed a family man at a Lagos State construction site.

LagosThe middle aged man, simply identified as ‘Baba Ibeji’ died tragically in the early hours of Wednesday, June 21 on the way to his work place.

The deceased was electrocuted after mistakenly holding on to a high tension cable which was left dangling recklessly by engineers contracted by the Lagos State government to construct the Ayobo to Aiyetoro bridge over the river that demarcates the state with Ogun.

24 hours after the tragic event, engineers working on the site are still at large.

When GreenNewsNG’s Daniel Fayemi visited the site today, the killer cables were still lying dangerously on the site albeit with barricade tapes now spun around the spot where the man was killed yesterday.

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However, by the time our correspondent was leaving the site, a couple of electricity workers were arriving to commence repair work on the killer cables. Attempts to speak with the them about the incident didn’t bear much fruit as they were extremely hostile.

Speaking in Yoruba, one of them said that it was not their fault that the cable fell down, insisting that it was the site engineer’s fault. they were only intimated of the development after someone died.

Meanwhile, the Lagos state government has denied knowledge of the tragic incident. Speaking exclusively with GreenNews’ Political Ralph, the Director of Public Affairs, Lagos State Ministry of Works, Shina Thorpe assured that his ministry would launch immediate investigations into the negligence that led to death of the family man.

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