Dear Diary: Lagos Life Is Not Easy(2)


I said I was not going to whine again, so you won’t call me a baby but truly, Lagos life is not easy. I’m having a headache already. Those that go to work with public transport I give them hand *raises hand* including myself hehehe.

Ahh the bus I entered today see drama Oh God I couldn’t do anything, I was too weak. We Nigerians ehhn, we have problem oo, we’re very stubborn Kai. Driver said enter with your change, okay start paying, everybody is bringing out 1000,500 I’m like oo God, na we dey do ourselves. Lol

The driver con be mad person join, lol the guy stopped oo and started calculating his money, serious business, you needed to be there hehehe thank God my resumption is till 9 imagine if it wasn’t ahh I’d have just cried, those that were already late, were just frustrated, omo the guy no care oo, he sha continued calculating how much change to be given and how much he’s left with.

He moved, when we got to aswani he stopped again to go look for change, but really we caused it, if only they had given him his exact money, anyways people like us have learnt how to be asking for change from those who have and add the money together. See all these ones aren’t even the highlight of the bus today, anyways they didn’t let me listen to any music today *eyes rolling* very noisy Bus.

Ghenghenghen lol that was in my head. The highlight of the bus today was *dramatic pause* hehe Ahh this girl you like drama, as I was saying jare lol. The highlight was a fight between a pregnant woman and the mad bus driver, did I tell you this guy almost spat on me, thank God I was with my handkerchief today *phew*.

May they not use drama to carry me One-day oo my next bus stop see another drama hehe. I don’t know how I stopped and started looking lol.

Let’s forget the bus driver and his drama, hehe the highlight of my day was meeting one good looking, handsome, cutie, hehehe. He asked for directions as he was taking a new route to work today anyways I sha directed him and left, smiling like I had won an award.

I’m at work, I gotta go, but before then let me drop my top best songs I’ve fallen in love with over time.

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Like you- Tatiana Manaois

Adele- Hello

Jealous- labyrinth

Later sha… work mood activated.



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A young girl going through a process, taking in oppositions in order to come out shining brighter and better.


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