Driving Miss Crazy (Episode 41)


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Caleb prepared for his date with Preye in an almost feverish manner. His head whirled with plans, plans of what he had to do, and what was coming if he did not succeed. He not only had to be his most charming and get Preye to let down all her guard, but he also had to plan the heist that had brought him into her life in the first instance. The key card that could give him entry into Chief Hanson Briggs basement was somewhere in Preye’s room, and he had to get it that night.

By whatever means necessary.

He left his apartment in the workers quarters and walked down to the car park with a feeling of foreboding in his stomach. He did not like the pace at which things were progressing. What was supposed to have been a careful, well-planned exercise would have to be impulsive, and based on nothing but luck and quick thinking. His hand had been forced by his co-conspirators and the men they now worked for, so his confidence in his ability to get the documents was shaken.

When he reached the car park, he was surprised to see Preye waiting on the other side of the car.

“Hey!” he called out. “Someone’s eager to go…”

His words trailed off as Preye stepped fully into view. Every single plan and thought that had been roiling around in his head immediately disappeared.

She seemed to glow in the light coming down from the roof of the car park, and her physical beauty hit him like a punch. She had on a dark, sequined dress that plunged down her throat, showing the mounds of proud, unfettered breasts that pushed the gown forward in telling tips. The dress barely skimmed her knees, and long legs gleamed, oiled and chocolate-warm, throwing off points of light as she moved closer to him. Her eyes were piercing, ringed in smoky eye shadow, in contrast to the rest of her face which had almost no make-up except for a light lip gloss. Her braids were piled up high and fell down the length of her backless dress.

The overall effect was stunning and Caleb found himself opening and closing his mouth wordlessly like a beached fish. Preye walked toward him with a teasing smile, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Don’t swallow me oh!”

Caleb laughed, gathering what was left of his wits. “I’ll try not to.”

Preye was aware of the reaction her appearance had caused and it pleased her. Caleb looked just as handsome, and her pulse quickened as she ran her eyes over his trademark jeans and shirt, which had been jazzed up with a blazer and gleaming shoes. For a moment, she imagined herself on his arm; she would be proud to be seen everywhere with him because they would make a well-matched couple. But just as the thought occurred to her, reality nudged.

Calm down, girl. He’s just….

“Your driver looks pretty spiffy tonight.”

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Preye turned to see who had inadvertently completed her thought, her eyes widening as she saw her father walking towards them. The set of jingling keys in Chief Hanson Briggs hand was evidence that he had just driven in, but Preye and Caleb had been so engrossed in admiring each other that they had failed to hear the car drive into the other end of the long car park.

“Good evening, dad.” Preye said as she walked over to her father and hugged him.

Chief Hanson Briggs returned the hug fondly, the smell of Preye’s perfume soothing him. He had been full of frantic thoughts as he drove himself back home. He had even called ahead and told his driver to find his way home from the fast food outlet where he had left him. Driving himself had been soothing as he made phone calls and planned his next move. Whatever his past was about to dig up and throw at him, he had to be ready to deal with it.

His gaze focused on Caleb, who was watching them. He seemed ill at ease as he greeted Preye’s father and Chief Hanson Briggs frowned as his eyes ran over the young man.

“You both seem all dressed up. What’s the occasion?”

Caleb stiffened. He had felt a sense of guilt when he saw Preye’s father because of his plans to steal from the man. However, he had not factored in the more obvious problem—he was about to take his employer’s daughter out on a date, and he couldn’t very well tell the man that.

Luckily for Caleb, Preye came to the rescue.

“I’m going to a party and want Caleb to hang around till it’s over, so I told him to spruce himself up a bit.” Preye lied glibly. Even though she was enjoying daring to taste the forbidden fruit by flirting with Caleb and going out on a date with him, she knew it would not go down well with her parents. It would be a bad idea to tell her father what their real plans were. “We may be out till quite late.”

“Sure that’s wise?” a new voice cut in. They all turned to see Benson Adewale walking up to them. Caleb cursed beneath his breath and tried his best to keep an innocent look on his face as the Security Head approached.

With the huge burden of guilt on his mind, these two men were the last people he wanted to see. Already he could feel Benson Adewale’s gaze drilling into him, as though the man uncannily knew he was up to something.

Caleb looked at both men again, his own suspicions beginning to stir. Wasn’t it a bit unusual that both men just happened to be at the car park? Was Benson Adewale there for a reason? Had they found out something?

Were things already going sideways before he even set the first step of his plan in motion that night?

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