Driving Miss Crazy (Episode 45)


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After the kiss, the night went on at a speed almost too fast for Caleb to control. Their feverish kissing and fondling went on for over fifteen minutes, and soon the windows of the jeep were fogged up from the inside, as the heat of their passion sizzled wherever bare skin touched.

It took great effort to prise themselves apart and the look in Preye’s eyes—a dazed, half-lidded longing, tinged with pure desire—almost made Caleb pull her into his arms again, but she stopped him with a pressed finger against his lips.

“Let’s get home first. We have a bed there, and the rest of the night.”

It was a miracle that Caleb was able to see straight enough to get them home in one piece. He drove through the dark streets expertly, his groin aching as Preye caressed his thigh and kept throwing him intense looks.

On her part, Preye was tingling with anticipation. Her body felt extra-sensitive, every motion of the car and her own dress across her skin setting off sparks in her lower belly. She had not been sexually intimate with any man for over a year. Even though many people felt she and George Dike was an item, it was a very wrong assumption. George was one of her closest friends, but he was just that—a friend. To top it off, he was decidedly gay, although it was a barely kept secret. On seeing Caleb the first time, after he left with the jeep, George had expressed his admiration for the driver’s physique to Preye, but she had warned him off, even though she had not been sure of her reasons for doing so.

Now she knew. She wanted Caleb; she had probably wanted him from the first moment she laid eyes on him, but too many things had made her hesitate. The wrong foot they started off on, the difference in their societal status, their employer-employee situation; but none of that mattered anymore. She was done denying herself what she wanted so fervently. She planned to have Caleb, and to let him have her as well. Over and over, until she could barely stand.

When they drove in through the gates of the Briggs home, and silently coasted in and parked in the car park, there was a moment when Caleb hesitated. Preye had asked if he would prefer them to go to his own room and the question brought unpleasant reality crashing back. The haze of desire began to slowly clear from his eyes as he remembered his ultimate purpose for trying to seduce Preye; he needed to get into her room and find the key card that gave entry into Chief Hanson Briggs’ secure basement.

But could he actually go through with it?

Preye seemed to sense Caleb’s hesitation, although she was not aware of the reason for it, and she impulsively unlatched her seatbelt and leaned over to kiss him again.

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“Forget I asked.” She said between breathless kisses. “Let’s go to my room. I have protection there anyway.”

The bold comment set Caleb afire again, and the thoughts that had given him pause quickly disappeared. He held on to his self-control as they exited the car and made their way into the house quietly. His eyes remained glued on Preye’s gyrating hips as they tiptoed up the stair and into her room.

After that point, much of what happened was a pleasurable blur. He knew Preye grabbed him and pulled his mouth to her lips the moment the door closed behind them, but after that point, pure instinct took over. He peeled of her dress like it was mere tissue paper, and worshipped Preye’s body with his tongue as they sunk onto the bed. Her soft moans spurred him to take wilder liberties with her spread-eagled body. He lapped from her breasts and burrowed between her thighs, breathing in the sweet fresh smell of her drenched body, the sound of her pleasured cries dimmed by the thighs pressed against his ears as her body jerked and throbbed in response to the ministration of his eager tongue.

Then she flipped him over and took charge, using her own tongue to leave him writhing and trembling with acute pleasure. She only paused a moment to slip a condom over his turgid member before she lowered herself onto him and rode away, a delirious cowgirl taming a dazed bull. Caleb was half-drowned in waves of pleasure he had never felt before as he surged up into her, his hands running blindly over her glistening body, caressing and fondling every place he could touch.

She towered over him, her hips moving in the oldest of dances. The moved together like one great four-legged, two-headed beast, unaware of the time or the sound of the humming air-conditioner that swept cold air over their heated bodies. Their pleasure built until they hit their crescendos, Preye just before Caleb, theirs cries mingling as she collapsed unto his sweaty torso and pressed her lips against his. They swallowed each other’s moans of ecstasy as waves of pleasure crested through them, and after they caught their breaths, they lay in each other’s arms, kissing and nuzzling. Their hearts thumped in unison, galloping towards calm as they both nestled against each other, shaken by the depth of the power and connection they had felt.

“I’m such an idiot. I should have done this weeks ago. Weeks ago…” Preye mumbled. Caleb smiled and leaned back to see her face better in the dimly lit room, but she had already drifted off to sleep, a satiated smile on her face. He basked in the pleasure of the thought that he had satisfied her so thoroughly she could not stay awake. He pushed a braid away from her face and caressed the soft swell of her cheek as her breathing deepened. For a moment, he wished he could have such pleasure indefinitely, being with her, talking to her, buried deep within her as their pleasure mingled. He imagined them doing this forever, two people daring to find heaven on earth.

But reality kicked in.

What are you doing, you idiot? She’s asleep, so make your move!

Regret and guilt filled him as he eased away from Preye slowly. He felt terrible for breaching her defences in such a manner, only to follow up his ignominious plan. He pulled on his clothes quickly and stood over her, watching her chest rise and fall softly, her skin glowing in the soft glow from her bedside lamp. He cursed silently, thinking that there had to be a hell for his kind of treachery.

And I will deserve to burn in it for eternity
, he thought. Heaven forgive me.

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