Driving Miss Crazy (Episode 49)


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It was chaos after that.

Caleb yelled as he strained at the cell bars, demanding to be let out. Chief Hanson Briggs was confused for a moment, then calmed down and pulled out his phone, quickly dialling the emergency contact number of the private security agency on his payroll.

After he was assured that help was on its way, the Chief began to stride out of the Security Unit, but a garbled shout reminded him of Caleb’s presence. The young man looked afraid, but not for himself. Fearing the chief would walk off and leave him there, he pressed his face through a gap in the bars.

“Please let me out sir.” Caleb pleaded. “I can help. I may have betrayed your trust, but i would never hurt Preye. She needs me now. She needs us.”

Chief Hanson Briggs hesitated again. The only silver lining in the entire situation was that his wife had travelled for a wedding. The thought of Preye alone and in danger terrified him. He wanted to get to her and protect her, but the earnest tone in Caleb’s voice made him pause. He could see true concern for his daughter in the young man’s eyes.

Caleb shouted in desperation as the chief turned away abruptly and walked out. He hit the cell bars in anger and slumped against them, fear for Preye making it hard for him to breathe. She was alone in the main house with Benson Adewale. What if she had been hurt?

Outside, Chief Hanson Briggs hurried to find a security guard. He stopped in his tracks as he found three of his best guards slumped on the ground, unconscious, probably knocked out or killed by their head of security who had gone rogue. The staccato sound of gunshots came from the direction of the house again, and the Chief ducked, sweating.

His eye caught the gleam of a key ring on an unconscious guard’s belt. He yanked it off quickly, and duck walked back into the Security Unit, wincing in anticipation of a bullet sinking into his back. He made it back inside unscathed, and much to Caleb’s relief. The keys clicked and jingled in the Chief’s shaking hands as he struggled to free Caleb, and after a few false starts, the cell was open. Caleb nodded gratefully at the other man, and then scrambled out, ignoring the pain in his chest.

They both stepped outside and stared at each other for a moment. Then they both ran towards the main house in a half-crouch, hearts pounding in unison. Come hell or high water, they had to save Preye.


The main house was dark, as most of the lights had been turned off. Inside, Preye struggled in the grasp of Benson Adewale, still half-numb with shock. When the security head had returned to the house, she had thought he was returning with some news about Caleb, which caused mixed feelings in her. Realizing that she had been a mere pawn in whatever game Caleb had been playing was hurtful, and yet seeing him unconscious shad been scary. After he had been taken away, and her father explained some of what had happened, she wavered between anger and heartbreak.

Had everything that happened between them been an act? Caleb had moved the earth under her feet, but now it appeared to have been for nefarious purposes. The pain was almost too much to bear, so she had watched Benson enter the living room with more trepidation than eagerness.

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It took a few moments to register in Preye’s mind when Benson pulled out a gun and shot the three guards sitting with her point blank. One of the men managed to get a shot off, but it went harmlessly into the ceiling before he went down, riddled with bullet holes. The gunshots were loud and her ears rang so loudly, she could not hear her own screams of shock. Benson kept shooting, even after the guards were still, and Preye watched, horrified. By the time she stood up to flee, it was too late. Benson already had her in a choke-hold.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Preye, but I will if I have to.” He hissed into her ear as she clawed at the arm that was pressed on her throat. “I’ll loosen my grip and then you’ll lead us downstairs to your father’s basement. Is that clear?”

Preye had to option but to agree to that proposition, leading the way using the key card he gave her, and later helping Benson fill a black bag with her father’s valuables, on top of which he threw the folder Caleb had tried to steal earlier. Recognizing the folder confused Preye. Was Benson working with Caleb? And what about her father? Despite everything, a part of her added another question.

Was Caleb alright?

When they ascended from the basement and returned to the living room, her question was answered. Caleb stood in the middle of the room, his hands up. The relief in his eyes when he saw her made Preye begin to cry. The look in his eyes was the only familiar thing in a world turned upside down in mere minutes.

Benson gripped Preye, shielding his body with hers. “Awww, look who came for you Preye. Not your father, who I am sure, is miles away from here by now.” he grinned at Caleb. “I see you got out of the cell. You should be running for your life, Caleb.”

Caleb shook his head stubbornly. “If I run, you’ll kill everyone and put the blame of what happened on me, so no way.”

Benson grinned and pressed his gun into the side of Preye’s head. “Well, well, well, looks like your lover boy is not a total idiot after all.” He chuckled as Preye gasped. “Oh yes, I know everything that had been going on between you two. Dude has balls, I’ll give him that. Bedding the boss’s daughter…”

“Shut up about that.” Caleb gritted out. But he was careful to keep his hands up, to appear as non-threatening as possible.

The position had lulled Benson into letting his guard down, so when Chief Hanson Briggs rushed at him from where he had been hiding, the security head was taken unawares. The gun went off as Preye’s father pushed Benson’s hand upward. Caleb ran forward and pulled Preye away quickly as the men grappled.

In his hey days, Chief Hanson Briggs had been built like a burly brute, and he brought those old skills into play again as he wrestled to save his daughters life. Old muscles, layered with fat, flexed as he methodically forced Benson to his knees, roaring in fury. The Chief’s girth quickly began to overpower Benson’s brawn and the security head desperately squeezed off another shot from the gun. The bullet raced towards where Caleb was standing with Preye in his arms. The bullet found its mark and there was a thud as it thudded into flesh. They both fell to the ground.

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