Fail-Proof Ways To Ensure You Have Great S3x With A C0ndom


We all know that wearing a condom will prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy but some men still do not wrap it around their p3nis because they believe it robs them of s3xual pleasures probably because there is not enough friction, or that it affect their performance, or kills their boner,

Below are a few ways to ensure that you wear a condom when you have penetrative s3x.

Problem; Not enough friction: “Look beyond ribbed condoms and look for ones that has ribs, bumps and studs on the inside as well as the outside. A condom which has ribs and bumps and also an over-shaped head can create more friction.

Problem; It does not fit right: “You will never want to wear a condom if it is not of your size so find the perfect size of condoms; there are condoms out there for bigger guys which have a 56mm inner circumference and there are snug-fit condoms available for smaller guys”.

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Problem; Finding the condom in the heat of the moment: “Keep condoms nearby for an easy access, stack them everywhere from your kitchen cabinet, to your dresser to the cabinets in your living room and never give yourself an excuse that you left it in the other room”.

Problem; It kills the mood: “Remember variety adds spice to life and you can experiment with an array of cool condoms; look for condoms that will make things fun; for example, lube on the inside of the condom will make your experience a million times better”.

Problem; You cannot feel anything: “Pick extra thin condoms that will not only transmit body heat but will also make s3x a lot hotter, there are extra thin condoms available in the market that you can barely feel but are still strong”.

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