Falz ‘The Bahd Guy’ Clarifies Relationship With Simi AGAIN

Falz and Simi

Falz The Bahd Guy [Photo source: Instagram/falzthebahdguy]
Falz The Bahd Guy [Photo source: Instagram/falzthebahdguy]
Falz The Bahd Guy has countered the reports he is in a romantic affair with Simi.

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The rapper burst the bubble on the alleged love triangle involving the trio of himself, Adekunle Gold and Simi, which has raised many eyebrows, with fans wondering what really is the relationship between the three musicians.

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Falz The Bahd Guy’s frequent collaborations with Simi, have left the impression that the ‘Karashika‘ crooner is in a romantic affair with the songstress.

There have also been reports of a possible love triangle between Falz, Simi and YBNL’s Adekunle Gold, but the rapper was quick to say the songstress is currently in a relationship and it isn’t with him.

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‘Simi and I is just music. It’s musical chemistry, we get along so well,’ the rapper said

‘There’s no triangle. She does have a boyfriend and it is not me,’ he further stated while refusing to reveal the identity of Simi’s supposed heartthrob.

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‘I’m in no position to announce a matter that relates to her own relationship because it’s not my relationship. But I know that she do have somebody and it’s not me,’ he responded in his country-famous faux accent when he was asked if the songstress’ boyfriend is Adekunle Gold.

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