Five Things We’ve Learnt From MMM Return


Despite returning from one month freeze mode on 13th January, 2017, controversy continues to trail Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Movement, otherwise known as MMM over new measures by the scheme.

After a thorough investigation by Adeyemi Oalemi of, here are facts from the aftermath of MMM’s January 13th comeback.

Many Still Not Paid

Although, MMM Nigeria announced it’s comeback after one month Freezing, the scheme still hasn’t paid its participants. It was gathered that most requests by participants to get their money were either cancelled or hidden by the scheme’s admin. There is widespread panic among participants over the authenticity of the return since they were unable to get their investment in the scheme.

Interestingly, some Nigerians who perhaps never invested in the scheme took time out to mock those who had invested, trending on Twitter with  #MMMgone.

Although, most participants are about to lose their cool, they are hopeful the MMM scheme will be fully back as they expect.

 ‘Poor’ People’s First

Announcing it’s return, MMM Nigeria had said “as the System is socially oriented, we will make paybacks to the poor and the economically disadvantaged in the first place: it means to the members with small PH amounts. The richer can wait.

Checks by this reporter show that the Scheme kept to its promise but in a snail fashion. Screenshots of matching of small amounts of ‘’get help’’ order of amount between  N10,000 and N50,000 with dates between 14th -18th of January 2017, were sighted.

Ahmed, a participant confirmed to that he received payment with screenshot proof and bank alert.

Uncertainty on PH and GH Orders

Many participants are concerned that ‘Get help’ order may be more than ‘Provide Help’ order which spell doom for the Ponzi scheme. This could not be independently verified by this Reporter.

Meanwhile, investigations show that some participants are willing to invest more money in the scheme but the admin is yet to match them to pay.

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It was further gathered that there are fears among participants that MMM Nigeria may be unable to meet the pay out demand, forcing some of them to sacrifice losing their bonuses to keep the system balance.

Mavrodi To Decide On New Measures

Many participants of the scheme have suggested on social media several measures that will keep MMM Nigeria afloat after returning from the one month pause mode.

Reacting to some of the suggestion, MMM Nigeria support in one of its official sites said Mavrodi will decide some of the considerations.

On suggestion that everyone should pay before receiving payment, MMM support said; “PH to GH is still a suggestion to be tabled before Sergey Mavrodi for consideration. Disregard any info suggesting that you must PH to GH till further announcement in your PO.

It added that “freezing of bonuses for now is another suggestion to be tabled before Sergey Mavrodi for his consideration. Which means if approved, you will only be able to GH your personal contributions for now until the system recovers and stabilizes.

Trust Is Eroding:

Days after announcing its comeback, many participants are still worried that they have not been paid.

Participants who spoke with under the condition of anonymity said they we will not pay if they were matched to pay another. They expressed their disappointment over their inability to cash out what they have in their account.

Very few others said they would pay if only they have spare money.

The situation, it was gathered, is eroding trust of participants in the system and other fellow participants which is the core feature in which MMM was built.

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Adeyemi is the news editor and Assistant Editor (Editorial) at GreenNews. He holds B.Sc. Ed. (Hons) from the University of Lagos. He believes that information is the source of liberty. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


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