Makarfi Exonerates APC, Reveals How Judiciary Caused PDP Crisis

Nigerian Judiciary
Nigerian Judiciary

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, factional chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caretaker Committee has attributed the lingering crisis in the party to the country’s judicial system.

He stated that the judiciary, rather than the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) was to blamed for its conflicting rulings on the party’s chairmanship tussle.

He said: Look, first of all, it is not impossible that you find individuals on the other side instigating. But there is a difference when a political party as an institution or government as an establishment would come in and strongly get involved. To be honest, I am not seeing that clear indication,”

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“The judiciary, rather than the APC should be blamed for the protracted crisis in the PDP. The conflicting ruling from the judiciary fed the crisis to linger because if not, it would have long been over.

“Looking at this matter, it is a question of what is it that people want. It is not some technicalities here or there. You are dealing with human beings and you are talking about democracy. The underlying principle is what the overwhelming majority of people want. If it is what the overwhelming majority of people want, I don’t think any individual or group should hide behind any technicality to impose anything on them. That is my own take”.

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