‘I Didn’t Want To Be Alive’, Michael Phelps Reveals How He Overcame Depression

Michael Phelps

Most decorated Olympian of all time,  Michael Phelps has revealed he almost gave up his life during his battle with depression.

The famous American swimmer, renowned for his record breaking feats in the water for his country at several Olympics competition, lifted the lid on his struggles outside the sport.

Phelps said he battled with depression shortly after returning home from the Olympics to the extent of contemplating suicide.

He revealed: “For me getting to an all-time low where I didn’t want to be alive anymore, that’s scary as hell,

“Thinking about taking your own life, I remember sitting in my room for four or five days not wanting to be alive, not talking to anybody. That was a struggle for me.

For me, I reached that point where I finally realized I couldn’t do it alone.”

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Michael Phelps went on to reveal that he is now more focused on helping people with his foundation

“I want to be able to get out in front and talk and say look, yes I’ve done these great things in the pool, but I’m also a human,

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“I’m also a human like some of the people in this world who are going through the same exact struggles that I have. I want people to understand that there are times that you are going to have to reach out.”

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