Ifako-Ijaye: 3 Ways Its Impossible To Boycott LG Taxes


In a bid to ensure that traders and artisan do not boycott payment of their levies, the council of Ifako Ijaiye local government in partnership with United Bank of Africa (UBA) launched an electronic residence card.

The collection of Local government levies in Lagos by officials of government could be describe as “tough”. This is because of the excuses many traders, especially aged ones give in order to boycott payment.

While some desert their shops and offices after sighting government officials, others give excuses of not making profitable sales.

The council’s sole administrator, Babatunde I.Q.Rajh-Label while unveiling the product listed how payment of local government levies can no longer be shunned.
It is a debit card

According to Babatunde, the card will hence serve not only as a means of identification for residents of the area, but also as a debit card.

Will henceforth be used as a means of payment

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Babatunde said this specifically to those traders who are illiterates.

He said: “This card would help resolve the excuses of illiterate traders and artisans who usually fail to pay our charges, levies and rates, on the excuse that they had no cash nor a bank account.”

It is in line with the Federal Government cashless policy

The councils’s sole administrator stressed that the card would further deepen the cashless policy of the federal government and help boost the council’s Internally generated revenue.

“This card serves the same function as a bank account. With it, you can load funds into the account number that comes with the card, and you can use it to pay all your levies anytime our officials gets to your shops, homes or market with the POS Terminals”, he said.

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