Inside Boko Haram 10: Love-struck Man Sacrifices Self For Fiancée

Mubi town, Adamawa state

By Adeyemi Olalemi
Many unbelievable and untold tales of Boko Haram terror attacks in the north-eastern Nigeria were revealed when visited some of the most ravaged towns in Adawama state. Among the many unpleasant stories was that of a young man identified as Daniel Abiara who was murdered by Boko Haram terrorists while returning to save his fiancée. His fiancée was believed to be among Boko Haram captives during Mubi invasion.

Daniel Abiara who was in his late 20s, is from Ogbomosho, Oyo state, southwest Nigeria, he was working as a personal assistant with a Cleric in Mubi town. The Cleric described Daniel as a diligent man. Daniel later got another job with Adamawa Primary Education Board even as he was preparing to get married to his heart-rob, Jumoke.

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Their wedding was scheduled for April 2015 in Mubi town but unfortunately, it was never to be, as ragtag Boko Haram terrorists launched an unprecedented attack on Mubi and other neighbouring towns on October 29, 2014

Boko Haram invasion of Mubi town and other local government areas left residents with sad memories, as terrorists killed innocent civilians, their family members, plundered their towns and looted their properties mindlessly. Many ran helter sketer in no particular direction. Parents ran up north while children went southwards, in a bid for survival.

The invasion is perhaps the saddest moment for most of the residents in Mubi, they woke up that Wednesday morning and came to the reality that terrorists were about to chase them away from their homes, take over their lands and properties. No one remembers the other, husband left wife behind, and children ran in the direction they thought was safe, everyone ran for their lives. “It was a war situation at that time”, a resident revealed.

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During that time, neither love nor relationship matters, what mattered was life and survival. Specifically, it was about ones survival before thinking of anyone else. “It was a horrible experience”, the Cleric stressed.

Daniel, like every other person, ran for his life, he escaped the Boko Haram invasion, an invasion that led to the death of thousands and over hundred still missing till date. Daniel escaped to Yola through a forest. On getting to Yola, he tried to initiate contact with his fiancée, Jumoke, but efforts to reach her proved abortive. Jumoke’s lines were not connecting.

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He apparently thought that his fiancée may have been trapped in Mubi town and possibly held incommunicado by Boko Haram terrorists, Daniel decided to return to Mubi in search for his love, Jumoke.

As Daniel sneaked into Mubi, He met a completely different Mubi town, shattered and littered with corpses. He was said to have searched Jumoke’s house where he was eventually caught by the Boko Haram members. Daniel was not spared by the terrorists; he was shot dead.

Unfortunately, his fiancée whom he had gone to save had already escaped the Boko Haram invasion. Jumoke escaped to Cameroun with some of her family members.

On hearing the death of her fiancé, Jumoke wept bitterly, she was said to have gone days without eating as she mourned the love of her life, Daniel.  It was a very sad story here in Mubi, the cleric said.

At the time of filing this report, Jumoke is still unmarried, she is currently teaching in a primary school and also studies at the Adamawa State University located in Mubi town.

Boko Haram October 29, 2014 invasion left many with broken homes, shattered dreams and many irreparable damages. Many residing in the towns could not imagine another Boko Haram invasion.

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