Inside Boko Haram 19: Jobless Internally Displaced Persons Pay Rent

IDPs in Mubi town with team
IDPs in Mubi town with team

With over 2 million people internally displaced in the north-eastern part of Nigeria where Boko Haram had ravaged towns and villages with bombings, shootings and invasion, Nigeria, surely, faces a humanitarian crisis in the region. Many have lost their shelter and properties to the dastardly attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists. Despite being helpless due to circumstances beyond their control and without jobs, the internally displaced people still pay rent in an attempt to get shelter.

During the October 29, 2014 Boko Haram Invasion, resident had abandoned their homes and properties; they fled to neighbouring Cameroun. Over 220,000 people ran for their lives from Mubi, a gruesome journey from which many never returned.

The irony was that they were safer in foreign land than in their own country even as Nigerian soldiers also took to their heels in the wake of the Boko Haram invasion that left thousands dead.

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However, the situation has changed as Nigerian troops had since December 2015, recaptured all territories formerly controlled by Boko Haram terrorists. Life is gradually returning to the town as those who had fled to neighbouring countries are now returning to the their homes.

Returnees met completely razed houses; their properties had been destroyed and looted by the terrorists, many are still homeless and battling to survive the aftereffect of the Boko Haram attack.’s investigation revealed that some returnees were able to access the federal government –owned IDP camps, while some were unable to access the camps. It is worthy of note that in those camps, the IDPs were being catered for by the government, but other displaced returnees who couldn’t access the camps were in different towns hoping to recover from many of their irreparable losses.

IDPs with Editor-In-Chief of, Ayo Alaba Idowu
IDPs with Editor-In-Chief of, Ayo Alaba Idowu

Baffling, was the discovery that on returning to their fatherland from Cameroun, internally displaced people had to pay rents in the towns where they were settling. Those who had returned from Cameroun stayed temporarily in Mubi at a transit camp where they pay N1,000 per month for a room.

In Madanya, Mubi south LGA of Adamawa state, IDPs, that included Women and Children, were camped in the area. They told that they were paying N1,000 per room every month; they lamented that they had no jobs and had been finding it hard to pay rents.

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The IDPs found in Madanya were among those who were displaced in Madagali, Adamawa state. Madagali was last hit on the 28th December, 2015 by two female suicide bombers.

As investigated further, it was revealed that the transit camp belonged to a former Director of works for the local government. This underscores the hard time being face by internally displaced persons in the north east Nigeria.

It is expected that the present government will investigate this mind-boggling revelation and act accordingly in saving the IDPs wherever they are scattered from suffering and exploitation, despite being jobless and without basic necessities of life.

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