Inside Boko Haram 20: Banks Looted By Terrorists In Mubi, Adamawa (Photos)


Many unbelievable and untold tales of Boko Haram terror attacks in the north-eastern Nigeria were revealed when visited some of the most ravaged towns in Adawama state. Among the many unpleasant stories was the invasion of Mubi, the second largest town in Adamawa state and a home to commercial activities.

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Terrorist, apparently focusing on the commercial nature of the town, invaded the town and controlled it for about 40 days. They took over all facilities and resources in the town including banks and shops.

A total of 10 banks were damaged by terrorists in the town, as terrorists gained access into all banks except one using improvised explosive device (IEDS). The banks’ vaults were also shattered with huge sums of money believed to be in hundreds of millions being stolen by the terrorists.

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Here are photos of some of the banks looted during the invasion; Photos taken by Ayo Ogundimu.

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