Inside Boko Haram 21: One Year After Terrorists Invasion Of Mubi Town, Adamawa

Mubi Team with IDPs in Mubi

By Adeyemi Olalemi

One year after Nigerian military recaptured Mubi and other neighbouring towns in Adamawa state from Boko Haram terrorists, life is gradually returning to the once deserted towns. Residents are now back and businesses are up and running.

Although many have become homeless and have lost other properties,they are rebuilding with support from friends, government, and non-governmental organisations.

One of the institutions that started operation early was Mubi General Hospital. The doctors at the hospital were treating victims with bullet wounds.

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Some of the banks damaged and looted during the invasion have been rebuilt. A total of 10 banks were damaged by terrorists in Mubi town; only five have been rebuilt while 3 out of the 5 have been reopened for business.

Residents of Mubi Town at the ATMs at 6am

It was gathered that only two Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) were functioning for both Mubi north and Mubi south Local government Areas where over 220,000 residents were expected to be making daily transactions. team experienced instances were residents thronged the ATMs in their hundreds especially in the morning and evenings.

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“Adamawa State University, Mubi is running smoothly now, a lecturer at the institution said. All schools, including secondary and primary are fully opened and operational. gathered that only 5 of the 143 damaged churches have been rebuilt, top Christian leaders had lamented lack of aids from government.

Although, the scars left by terrorists were still visible, the people have taken their destiny in there own hands by rebuilding and believing that Boko Haram would not attack again.

Pictures below captured the new life in Mubi and some neighbouring Adamawa towns.

Photo Credit: Ayo Ogundimu

Aerial view of Mubi North, Adamawa state Photo: Ayo Ogundimu
Main entrance to Mubi town where Boko Haram invaded in October 29, 2014
Mubi General Hospital. Photo: Ayo Ogundimu
Mubi General Hospital. Photo: Ayo Ogundimu
Rebuilt Bank. Photo: Ayo Ogundimu

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Hong, Adamawa state
Hong, Adamawa state
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