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Inside Boko Haram 9: Not All Terrorists Are Muslims



By Daniel Fayemi

Boko Haram Terrorists

Boko Haram Terrorists

One of the many facts the fact-finding team to Boko Haram most ravaged towns in Adamawa State was able to confirm was that all of the terrorist activities of the deadly Boko Haram were based on their desire to enforce their own religion (A Sect Of Islam) and that they wanted to have their own Government. However, from’s findings, the clichéd idea that ‘Not all Muslims are Terrorists but all Terrorists are Muslims’ might not be so accurate afterall.

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Based on accounts from several survivors of the brutal capturing of Mubi and other neighbouring towns in Adamawa, it can be argued that not all those young men and women who perpetrate the evil act of terrorizing others in the name of Islam in Nigeria are actually Muslims. As we mentioned in Episode 2 of the Inside Boko Haram series, many youths in Mubi were tricked into joining the Boko Haram with a pseudo empowerment scheme which took advantage of the harsh economic realities in the region.

After the unsuspecting youths were mobilized to the tune of hundreds of thousands to start businesses to fend for themselves, they were called about a year later to vomit the monies or join Boko Haram. At this point, it should be noted that the beneficiaries of this scheme cut across all religions and even non religious people in that town.
It was further learnt that a lot of youths joined them so they would never have to pay back the monies. However, a lot of them were slaughtered when they refused to join the terrorist group. Nevertheless, Boko Haram was able to recruit thousands from Mubi alone by offering them financial freedom. “When they came back for us, some went with them willingly, but a lot of us did not follow them willingly, we reluctantly did because we had used the money they gave us. I got 250,000 from them. God knows I was not aware that they were Boko Haram people when they were giving us money,” admitted a victim with Christian background who spoke with in Mubi.

Christian and Muslim Youths Joined Willingly Joined Out of Greed

It was also established by our team that a considerable number of youths who were from Christian homes also willingly approached the Boko Haram sect to join up with them out of greed. They enlisted into Boko Haram after they learnt that they paid recruits lots of money in hundreds of thousands and maybe in a few millions. Though upon joining up with the terrorists, they were all required to recant their faiths, they cannot really be considered as real Muslims in this case as it was apparent that they joined the terrorists simply for financial gains.

Others Christians Joined Boko Haram Under Duress

When Boko Haram started the attack on Mubi and other towns, they held some people at gunpoint and gave them the option to die or convert to Islam. Youths whose faiths were not so strong in the first place felt the best thing to do was to comply and they joined Boko Haram. It should be noted however, that after the terrorists were booted out of Adamawa by the Army, many Christians returned to church to confess which further establishes the fact that joining in the first place was not actually their will but it was just what they had to do for survival. But many other Christians stayed put for reasons we might never find out. Therefore, when the sect carries out another of their deadly attacks, it would be foolhardy to assume that all of those mindless killers are Muslims.

This brings back to the fore, the lingering issue of many years of underdevelopment in the Northern region. Successive governments have failed to address the issue of education, leaving millions of Nigerian youths with little or no exposure and as a result, vulnerable to ploys, such as the ones employed by Boko Haram for exploitation.

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