Kaduna Government Obtains Arrest Warrant Against Violent Protesters


An arrest warrant has been obtained by the Kaduna State Government, to arrest violent protesters against the sack of unqualified teachers in the state.

Mr Samuel Aruwan, the State Governor’s spokesman, stated that the government is not only meant to serve trade union members, but also to serve the common people.
He noted that the State Government is encouraged by the support it’s getting from the parents of the public primary school students, adding that they understand the mind of the government to make public primary schools better for the sake of the citizens and their wards.
Mr Aruwan noted that the last National Labour Congress and National Unions of Teachers organised what they called a peaceful rally, they had attacked the State House of Assembly and destroyed public property, engaging in an unlawful assembly.
He mentioned that they have also disrupted schools, as the unions tried to force others to join the strike, knowing fully well that the Government is standing for their interests.

He explained that the State Government strongly believes in the equality of opportunity and is devoted to promoting social mobility through Skills and Education. Adding that, the young children that attend public primary must not be offered inferior education and are entitled to a decent education.

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Mr Aruwan noted that no amount of sentiment will result in the subject the future of about two million children to the teachings of poor teachers. Not strike, Not blackmail, because the urgency of serving the people doesn’t permit to retain unqualified workers.

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