Minister Reveals People Behind Militant Group, Niger Delta Avengers

Niger Delta militants

Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani Usani Uguru has revealed those behind the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) menace in an interview with journalists.

Pastor Usani Usani Uguru, who spoke at length on the issues around Niger Delta States and the Avengers, made revelations about the sponsors and motivators of the Niger Delta Avengers.

The Minister said, “I am bold to let you know that some elites in the country are taking advantage of this situation to get recognition; that is why the issue of militancy has continued. To suggest that there is no solution is against my faith; there is nothing God cannot do. I know there is a solution and we are working towards it.”

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He further revealed that “The crisis is traceable to the elite from the region and other sections of the country. They are doing that for various reasons which are not connected to the Niger Delta improvement and that is why the elite want the crisis to continue based on investigation.

“The menace and its sponsors will soon be brought to an end; because we are working on negotiating with the real Niger Delta Avengers representatives and not those “wolf in sheep’s clothing” parading themselves as their reps.”

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