My S3x Diary (Episode 12)


I got up from my bed and my uncle smiled to see me. We went to my uncle’s bedroom and it was locked from inside by my uncle like the previous night. I don’t know why, but I was kind of thrilled about what was going to happen. I had imagined it all day.

We both sat on the bed and my uncle took my hands in his hands and said, “You know baby… I love you. I love you more after we talked yesterday.” I was looking into my uncle’s eyes with a lot of questions. He continued, “Now we will be good friends. We will keep each other’s secrets in our hearts. Do you feel that somebody loves you like your dad loves your mom?”

I said, “Yes uncle! But I am a child now and I don’t want to do this anybody only for pleasure.”

He said, “When we are open to each other, what do you think about me? I will go forward only if you agree. I don’t want you to feel bad about me. Ok, don’t worry! I will keep your secret in my heart even you don’t allow me to love you.”

“No uncle!! Nothing like that. I am sure that you will not do anything wrong with me but I am scared!

“Scared? Scared about what?”

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“I am your little baby and you are a complete man. Is it possible?”

“Oh that! Do you know why I did not try to do this yesterday? It is because I love you and I don’t want to harm you. I know that you have to learn a lot of things about s3x and I will do it without harming you. You are virgin my baby and I will take care of this. Yesterday I was not prepared. Today, I brought a jelly that will help us.”

“Jelly? What jelly?” I asked. He showed me a tube and said, “I know that it will be surely needed.”

I could not say anything more at that time.

My uncle took my face in his hands and put his lips on my lips. That was the first male kiss of my life. I hugged him and started to do the same thing to him in return what he was doing. He was licking my lower lip and I was licking his upper lip. He got my tongue in his mouth and started stimulating it. I also did the same thing.

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