My S3x Diary (Episode 13)


My uncle took my face in his hands and put his lips on my lips. That was the first male kiss of my life. I hugged him and started to do the same thing to him in return what he was doing. He was licking my lower lip and I was licking his upper lip. He got my tongue in his mouth and started stimulating it. I also did the same thing.

I noticed that my p**sy is getting wet as always and I was thrilled that today I will be f0cked. Lights of bedroom were on and we could see everything very clearly. We completed the kiss and he started to move his hands to all over my body. He unbuttoned my top and removed it. I was not wearing any bra and my small b00bs like lemon were laid bare in the light.

He looked my lovely b00bs and put both of his hands on both of my b00bs and started massaging them gently. That was the first touch of any male on my b00bs and I was enjoying it. His hands moved down and he opened hook of my skirt and put his hands under it on my ass. He removed the skirt and pant and I was completely [email protected]

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Then he started to remove his cloths and soon he was also completely naked. His hairy and broad chest was in front of my eyes and I could see that his cock was like a hard pole. His cock was long and very thick. I compared his cock with my father’s cock and noticed that his was kind of longer and thicker. I started to think that how it will go into my small p**sy.

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