My S3x Diary (Episode 14)


I compared his cock with my father’s cock and noticed that his was kind of longer and thicker. I started to think that how it will go into my small p**sy.

Uncle’s hands were moving on my body. I was lying on the bed without any activity because I did not know what to do exactly? Uncle told me that, “My baby! Today I will make you a woman and I will give you all the pleasure which you want and you should get.” My small sized b00bs were between my bad uncle’s hands.

He said, “Oh baby! You have small but hard b00bs. I have never seen this size of b00bs in my life.” He was massaging my b00bs very gently. He took one of my nipple in his mouth and started licking it like a child wants milk from it. My eyes were closed and my lips were closing and opening. I was feeling a never before sensation throughout my body.

My body was going stiff in pleasure. Then he took other nipple in his mouth and given me the same treatment. My p**sy was already wet and started releasing juice in more quantity. His hands was moving to my small but firm and round ass. He gave a good massage to my ass. I started feeling like I should be f0cked soon. His hairy chest was in front of me and I could not stop myself to take his small nipple in to my mouth and did the same what he did to my nipples.

I was feeling his hard cock stroking slowly against my p**sy. His waist was not moving but still his cock was moving upwards and upwards. That time I could not understand that but now I know that this is a natural process of an erect cock. I was thinking that why he is not starting f*cking and taking so much time. I was going out of control and I moved my hand toward his cock. Oh my god!! It was very hard and like a hot rod.

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First time in my young life, a male’s erected, hot, long and thick cock was in my hands and I was thinking of what to do with it. I remember seeing my mom once handling my dad’s cock. His cock was in my hand and I have tightened my grip on it. His eyes were closed in pleasure. I could not see his cock in my hands because we were completely sticking with each other.

Then he moved little away and sits on bed resting his back with a pillow on his back against wall. His legs were straight and his cock was dancing like a long pole in fast air. He pulled me near him and I was sitting near him with my legs folded.

Then he offered his cock to me. It was amazing to see a cock and I have taken it in my grip. I have noticed that length of his cock is so much that even my full palm was covering only 50% of his cock. I have it in my hands from bottom of it and upper portion of his cock is uncovered. There were small black hair on the bottom of his cock.

I could see some fluid was coming out of from the hole on hid cock. Even though he was my uncle, but once when we were in that position, it was useless to feel shy. Some liquid coming out from the cock touched to my fingers and I moved fingers towards my nose to smell it. The smell was very good and I liked it. He told me to taste it.

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