My S3x Diary (Episode 15)


I could see some fluid was coming out of from the hole on hid cock. Even though he was my uncle, but once when we were in that position, it was useless to feel shy. Some liquid coming out from the cock touched to my fingers and I moved fingers towards my nose to smell it. The smell was very good and I liked it. He told me to taste it.

I obeyed and it tasted good. He said, “Do you know that every man wants that his female partner to take his cock in her mouth to give him more pleasure?” I replied that, “Yes! I have seen many times mom taking dad’s cock in her mouth, but what should I do after taking it in mouth?” He smiled again and said, “My little darling! You are my little baby and you have to learn a lot of things. I will make you a perfect f0cking expert.”

“You just have to do the same thing you were doing to my nipple. We both will enjoy.”

I could only take 30 to 40% of his cock in mouth as it was so big and thick. It was warm. After I have given the blow job for some time, he asked me to widen my legs, folding them upward slightly from my knee. He has come in between my legs and his eyes were widening as he could see my virgin, tight lipped, pink and hairless p**sy.

He said, “Oh my darling, this is the first time I’m to see a virgin, small, hairless and tight p**sy. I never imagine that you are having such a beautiful p**sy. Your ass is also beautiful and you are making me mad!!! He moved his hands I quivered as his fingers touched the lips of my p**sy. Now I was in a position to see my p**sy clearly and I could also see what he is doing.

He put his middle finger between lips of my p**sy and moved it up and down. This was done before by Nancy and also by myself but the feeling I got with a touch from male cannot be explained. It was something amazing and new feeling to me. He has increased his speed of his finger and I was moving my lower part upward with every movement of his finger. Juice continued to flow out of my p**sy which helped him to move his finger smoothly.

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He noticed that I am excited and near to my climax. He then withdrew his finger and put his lips on my wet p**sy. He was licking it and swallowing my juice. He inserted his tongue tip inside of my pleasure hole and was moving it in and out. I was excited so much that I was moving my ass upward, downward and rounding my back like anything.

I tightened my legs around his neck and he was drinking my juice like a thirsty man. Slowly, I removed my grip and widen my legs. He made my p**sy completely dry from outside and looked at me.

He has noticed f*cking wish in my eyes and came close to me and said, “Amaka dear! I know that you want me to f*ck you immediately, but I have to take care of you. Your p**sy is small virgin p**sy and my cock is too hard and big for you.”

“You don’t know this is not as simple as you have seen your parents. It is going to be a painful for you. I will try to give you pleasure with minimum possible pain. Let me warn you that it will painful. But it will be only for first time, after that you can enjoy without pain. Are you ready darling for a painful f0ck honey?”

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