My S3x Diary (Episode 16)


“You don’t know this is not as simple as you have seen your parents. It is going to be a painful for you. I will try to give you pleasure with minimum possible pain. Let me warn you that it will painful. But it will be only for first time, after that you can enjoy without pain. Are you ready darling for a painful f0ck honey?”

I thought but could not understand fully what he was saying. I knew on seeing his big cock that it was going to be difficult to have that fully in my small p**sy but I was not aware that it will be as painful as explained by him.

I nodded and gave him permission to go ahead. He got up and took the tube lying at corner of the bed which he brought and showed to me earlier. He himself applied the cream on his cock. Then he applied large amount of cream on my p**sy. I was watching him. He inserted cream in to my p**sy hole with his finger and asked me to apply cream all over on his cock with my palm. I had applied a thick coat of the cream all around his fully erect cock with both of my hands.

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Then I was lying on the bed on my back, spreading my legs and was waiting for a f*ck. He sat between my legs and holds his cock in his hands and put it on my p**sy hole. Oh!!! What a feeling? Cock waiting on the door of my p**sy. I smiled and looked at him. He also smiled back and said, “Hold your breath darling. I am going to put it inside. There will be little pain but don’t make big noise otherwise your parents will be on the door of my bedroom.”


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