My S3xcapade (Episode 16)


I smiled and replied by pushing my hips up to meet his own. He then slowly pressed his c0ck into my dripping p**sy. This, of course, resulted in me moaning and digging my nails into his back as I arched upward from the intense feelings of ecstasy that ripped through my body.
“Oh my gosh, daddy…you’re so big….!”
“And you, my sexy little slut, are so f0cking incredibly tight,” Kunle replied in a daddy voice.

As he began to thrust hard in and out of me, pumping fast, I lightly giggled at the way he made reference to how tight I am. I then began moaning and clawing at the bed sheets. This caused him to thrust faster and harder in me, and I dug my fingers into his back, shoving my hips up off the bed to meet his every thrust.
“Yes baby…mm…just like that…gosh,” Kunle gruntled.

“Hmmmm…f0ck…daddy, gosh yes….keep going….cum with me daddy, I want to
feel it……mmmm gosh…….”

“Mmmm…gosh…I’m so close…. I can feel it building up…oh f0ck, you are so tight,” he moaned, getting closer and closer. “mmm…..unnnnnn….daddy, please cum in me soon….I don’t think I can hold out much longer…….f00ckk”

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He then exploded deep into my p**sy, hard, right as I cried out at the same time, cumming all over his thick cock, “f000ck…….yes daddy…….GOD, I’m cumming! Ahhh!”
I moaned and panted, as I feel him shooting round after round of hot, thick cum up in-between my legs, and I sighed happily like a kid who had just got her most wanted toy.

Kunle let out a loud cry as he felt himself cum deep inside my p**sy, then lay back, next to me, breathing deeply. “Mmm…baby…..that was amazing.” I smiled as I lay there, panting weakly, our combined juices mixing inside me and trailing down my legs.

“Hmmm, yes daddy,” I responded, “why don’t we do this every time we are alone?”

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