My Sexcapade (Episode 15)


He then slipped a few fingers inside, thrusting up and down for a little bit, his meaty cock getting all the more harder in my hand. I looked deep into his eyes, and gasped with the initial feeling.
I then let out an excited moan, which turned Kunle on all the more. “Tell me baby…what do you want your daddy to do to you?” He then whispered in my ear, turning off the water….
“I want you to f0ck me, daddy… I want you deep inside me, f0cking me hard” I then kissed him passionately, and he nodded, drying me off, and picking me up, he carried me back to the room. We didn’t for once break our kiss. He smirked, leaned in, and whispered in my ear, “My baby girl is having dirty thoughts about her daddy, is she? Perhaps I need to thrust those thoughts right out of your tight p**sy”
“Yes daddy I am having very naughty thoughts…..maybe you should thrust them hard out of me”
Kunle retorted, “hmm….well well well. Looks like my innocent little angel is a naughty, naughty girl after all.” We both laughed.
Throwing me onto the bed, not gently enough that it would seem like we were rough-housing, but not rough enough that he would actually hurt me, he climbed onto the bed after me.
I then whispered softly, “I have wanted this again each passing second since you left.”
Kunle replied, “hmm… I won’t be too rough…after all, you are my…precious….baby
I smiled and replied by pushing my hips up to meet his own. He then slowly pressed his c0ck into my dripping p**sy. This, of course, resulted in me moaning and digging my nails into his back as I arched upward from the intense feelings of ecstasy that ripped through my body.

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