Nigerian Troops Ambush Fleeing Terrorists


Nigeria-Army-Headquarters-logoNigerian Army on Thursday said its troops have ambushed and killed 2 fleeing terrorists in Sambisa Forest.

Information released by Defence Heaquarters also disclosed that various weapons and supplies were captured in the operation.

“The ambush was laid at the Boko Haram crossing point into Sambisa Forest at Iza, the terrorists were engaged and eventually they succumbed to the superior firepower of troops.

“Two terrorists were killed, some abandoned their supplies and fled, one general purpose machine gun and one AK47 rifle were captured.

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President Muhammadu Buhari has given the Nigerian Army till Decembers 2015 to defeat Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast.

In his Independence day speech, Buhari said “gallant armed forces under new leadership have taken the battle to the insurgents, and severely weakened their logistical and infrastructural capabilities. Boko Haram are being scattered and are on the run.

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