Obasanjo Speaks On Erratic Power Supply In Nigeria

Why Nigerians Should Expect Increase In Electricity Tariff – Fashola
3D Electric powerlines over sunrise

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has yesterday said Nigerians are still expecting the desired change promised by the Federal Government in the power sector with just about a year to the end of Buhari’s administration.

This is coming as the Nigerian Society of Engineers announced a decline in the general infrastructure in Nigeria.

Obasanjo spoke at the investiture of Adekunle Mokuolu as the 31st President of the NSE.

He said Nigerians, being the consumers of electricity, were in the best position to assess the power situation and not the figure being released by the government officials.

He challenged the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, Mr. James Olotu, an award recipient on the occasion, to ensure that Nigerians enjoyed value for their money.

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Obasanjo, before presenting the award to Olotu, asked him if all the power plants had been completed and the NDPHC boss responded, saying they were over 90 per cent completed.

Obviously not convinced by Olotu’s answer, Obasanjo noted that the supply of electricity in various homes would determine if the country had actually experienced the desired change in the power sector or not.

Obasanjo said, “Let’s hope that the 100 per cent of  the (NIPP projects) will be completed and all of them will be feeding power into our homes. Maybe we will see the change.”

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