Omoni Oboli: Frustrated Actress Physically Engages Lagos Area Boys (Video)


Nollywood top actress/producer, Omoni Oboli, has channeled her inner ‘area boy’ after she got tired of ‘settling’ Lagos area boys on set of a project she’s filming.

The actress had appealed to the Lagos state governor some weeks back over similar issues when dare-devil area boys kept demanding ‘settlements’ from her in batches until she got tired of doing so.

Now, on a different location in the ‘centre of excellence’, the actress was captured on camera confronting some of the area boys with some proper ‘tout’ attitude on display.

Watch video below…


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It must be noted that her experience is not a new phenomenon as all producers encounter and manage similar situation regularly. It remains to be seen if the Lagos state governor would listen to her clarion call, however.

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