Perfume: For Long-lasting Scent, Spray These Body Parts


spray-perfumeBy Tolani

For those who do not make a habit of splashing out on expensive fragrances, one thing will be at the forefront of your mind when you do – how can I make it last all day? Simple.

There are areas of the body that are best for spritzing – and they are not always the places we expect but they do the job. Here are nine most optimum parts of the body to apply your scent of choice.

HAIR: Fragrances are the very effective scent which is why the strands of your hair will carry the scent of perfume for a long-lasting effect. It will also cling onto any products you have used after washing your hair, perfect for a subtle finish. The alcohol content present in perfume can dry out the hair, so mist onto a brush or comb and delicately pull through.

EARS: Spray your scent of choice behind the ear lobes – this area is a pulse point, where the body is warmer, which will serve to enhance the fragrance. Additionally for an amplified effect, try the area at the tops of your ears, as skin tends not to dry out there.

COLLARBONE: Maximize the power of your perfume by giving your collar bone, dress, neck, shoulders and back are effective for spritz. The dips in the bone structure will see perfume more likely to settle there, and the added bonus of wearing strappy tops and plunging necklines means there is extra surface area to exude fragrance from.

WRISTS: Apply fragrance on the wrists, as they serve as a pulse point and area of enhanced heat to further amplify the scent. For those who are expressive talkers, give the backs of hands a gentle dab with the fragrance, to get your perfume noticed in transit.


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INSIDE ELBOWS: Another pulse point is the inside of the elbows, which as well as emitting the enhanced fragrance, serves to slightly obscure the smell in the bends of the arms – perfect for longer-lasting diffusion and also maximize the power of the perfume by ensuring skin is moisturized, as the more hydrated your skin is, the longer the fragrance will last.

BEHIND KNEES: As well as being another area where veins rise close to the skin, the backs of the knees are warmer and softer, and, therefore, more likely to project the scent. The area behind the knees is perfect for Nigerians, emitting your fragrance of choice with every crossing and uncrossing of legs.

BELLY BUTTON: Practically a receptacle for scent, this is a must if you are bearing your midriff or sporting a bikini. Dabbing a small amount of perfume in the belly button is also a tip for models. When you put it where you heat up, the smell stays with you.

CLOTHING: For additional perfume power, your dress will retain fragrances beautifully, as the scent particles clutch onto the fabrics.

FEET: An area of the body that is in perpetual motion, spraying calves and ankles with perfume is not only refreshing but will help to waft your fragrance, wherever you go. Always remember my advice when applying for a better smell!

To avoid smelling like a giant perfume box, don’t spray in all nine places at once. A light spray in three of these places per time will work just fine.

It is also advisable to get your perfume smaller cases that will be for you to carry along wherever you are going to spray other parts not initially touched.

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