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Photo: DJ Cuppy Sends Message To Lady Over Text Message



Nigeria billionaire’s daughter, DJ Cuppy has sent strong warning message to the girlfriend of an unnamed person which some are speculating to be her ex-boyfriend, Victor Anichebe.

DJ Cuppy warned a certain someone to tell their boyfriend to stop texting her, and social media users are speculating she’s referring to her ex Victor Anichebe who just showed off his foreign girlfriend to the world. 

Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy has made it known that she would like to stop getting messages from a certain relationship-committed man.

Cuppy was formerly in a relationship with Nigerian footballer, Victor Anichebe but they both called it quits after a year of hot romance. The relationship which ended relatively abruptly left many wondering what must have gone wrong.

Many social media users are speculating that the message was directed at her ex Victor. The message which was shared on Snapchat reads, “Tell your boyfriend to stop texting me.”

Victor Anichebe recently showed off his foreign girlfriend to the world and even took her with him to his hometown in Anambra.

It has taken people no time to conclude that she must have been referring to him as having one’s ex text them is a thing and Victor having a new girlfriend confirms he’s someone’s man now.

Who do you think DJ Cuppy might be referring to?





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