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Right Way To Clean Your Belly Button



Everything from bacteria, dirt, sweat, soaps, lotions and lint can make home in your belly button, making them look and smell awful which is why everyone ought to clean their belly button like all other parts of their body or the area can develop gnarly smells and infections and although it can be rare, but stone-like masses called omphalitis can grow to fill up your entire belly button getting it inflamed.

So you might feel by simply cleaning your belly button during shower is enough to do the job no it is not. Below is what you should do instead to clean your belly button properly.

Use a cotton swab: “Simply cleaning it during the shower will only remove the germs and the lint, you should dig in with a cotton swab with soap water and water or just soak the cotton swab in alcohol to clean the area and you can also clean your belly button with a cotton ball or a cotton bud dipped in warm water; squeeze it to remove excess water, gently remove dirt, if any, and wipe it dry with the help of a washcloth”.

Massage with hot oil: “You can also try hot oil massage to remove the stubborn dirt from the belly button as oil will help grease the naval area well which makes it easy for you to remove the accumulated dirt; simply apply warm coconut oil on your naval and massage the naval in clockwise and anticlockwise directions and hold the skin around the naval and scrape out the dirt using a cotton swab if you are an innie but, if you are born with an outie, a soapy washcloth can do the job”.






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