S3x Education: How To Stop Abuse


Engaging in sex talks with your kids early and often would make them open up to you as their parents in case of sexual abuse, rape, or voluntary act.

Parents may find it uncomfortable to initiate “the sex talk,” but whether they want to or not, they need to teach their kids about sex and sexuality to avoid uncontrollable situations in future.

Children need to learn early what a sexual relationship looks like. Introducing sex topics can be awkward, but they need to engage their children in such talks. It’s part of educating them.

Sex education in schools may provide children with information about sex, but parents’ opinions are sometimes at odds with what teachers present; some advocate for abstinence-only education, while others might prefer comprehensive sex education.  So as a parent, you need to focus and talk about what you want your kids to know.

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A sex educator once said, ” Children often receive contradictory information between their secular and religious educations, leaving them to question what to believe about sex and sometimes confusing them more. Open and honest communication about sex in families can help kids make sense of the mixed messages.

Parents remain the primary influences on sexual development in childhood, with siblings and sex education as close followers. During late childhood, a more powerful force – peer relationships – takes over parental influences that are vague or too late in delivery.
Even if parents don’t feel competent in their delivery of sexual information, children receive and incorporate parental guidance with greater confidence than that from any other source.”

Therefore, let’s engage our children in sex talks, try to find out what they already know, so you can be able to correct any wrong notion and provide them with what you know is right.

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