Skiibi: Singer Reveals When He Will Dump Five Star Music

Skiibi: Singer Reveals When He Will Dump Five Star Music

Five Star Music fledgling artiste, Skiibi, has affirmed that he plans to fly his management’s nest when he grows to a stage where he can handle himself. His comments come soon after Five Star Music lost one of its biggest talents in Harrysong who has since moved on to start his own label, Alterplate.

According to Skiibi, although he is more than happy to remain with Five Star Music on the interim, it is only natural that he would abandon the label when he becomes big enough to fend for himself.

See for now I’m ok with Five Star meehn, let’s keep pushing. We dey together, Five Star, love, 100%. As far as everybody is good that’s the most important, once you’re good I don’t see any reason for moving from one label to the other. Only if I want to, when I get to that level I push. It’s nothing, twenty children can’t play together forever, you understand what I’m saying so when it gets to that point that I feel that I’m ready, I’ll call my oga and tell him I’m ready to move on,” He told Planet TV.

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The singer became a known entity in the industry in August 2015 when he faked his own death just to promote a single. Unfortunately, the extreme pr stunt failed horribly as he was roundly scorned for his efforts. Worse still, the song for which he played dead didn’t do well and the singer has remained stuck as an upcoming ever since.

Popular rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy also threw Skiibi an obvious diss in his hit single, ‘Soft Work’ with the line “Even real talent still need promo, if you fake your own death, you still fit no blow

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