Tithing Saga: See What Celebrities Have Said So Far


Tithing has been a controversial issue among christians in Nigeria and debate on whether or not to tithe has been ongoing for quite a while now, and it does not seem to be ending any time soon.

The whole debate has been a silent one among christians all over the world, as many christian leaders, using a chapter in the ‘Old Testament’ Malachi 3: 10-12, claim God advises christians to bring 10% of their income to the church. On the other hand, some claim things of the ‘Old Testament’ no longer works as we are in the ‘New Testament’ era and so, the old things no longer apply.

This debate was however, given prominence when Nigerian OAP, Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known Daddy Freeze began an online revolution against tithing. According to him, pastors who collect tithes from their church members are ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ pastors and they are scammers.

To him, he believes more in donating to charity and helping the poor rather than give pastors who use such money to fly private jets.

Many Nigerian celebrities have in the course of this debate, supported Daddy Freeze while some have opposed him on it. Below are the celebrities who have spoken up on the controversial topic:

Zack Orji: “I am a pastor, ordained for five years now. The issue of tithing is a personal thing. I get very careful about making certain statements I have watched some people condemn tithing, say a lot of things about men of God and I pity some of those people because they are speaking out of ignorance. It is a terrible thing to go on the social media and be condemning men of God and be condemning something that is in the bible”

Emmanuel Ikubese:  “Please sir why do you choose to focus only on NEGATIVITY… OKAY we have heard you…let us make our choice.. No one is forcing us to pay TITHES AND OFFERINGS… Thank you sir and God bless you..”

Burna Boy: “The way I genuinely dislike Pastors, preachers e.t.c. I might have to knock 1 of dem d Fuck out 1 of these days. I know God will be happy. Go and find truth for yourselves. Research, ask questions, Free yourself.”

Singer Waconzy: “@daddyfreeze with dues respect as my elder, i laughed so hard after watching you talk about tithes cos everything u said about tithe is 10000% RUBBISH !
Yes we are in the last days and fake prophets and pastors everywhere (not only in Nigeria, what of ghana, Benin republic , USA and other parts of the world?
But it doesn’t change the word of God !
People don’t pay their tithe to the pastor, they pay it to God and whatever the pastor does with it is their business.its not our duty to judge but to do what what has instructed through the bible. How do you expect churches to sponsor crusades, build churches, reach more souls and more if not for tithes & offerings.
The same church
Do u think anybody will go to church if their pastor is poor ? Real men of God are not blessed with our tithes or offerings, as a matter of fact, some pastors single handedly sponsor their ministries for years before they start getting members.


Anita Joseph:

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Anita Joseph:


Shan George: “Dear Nigeria Pastors, I beg you in the name of God this beautiful Sunday, i’m on my knees, i know you must have collected a lot of tithes and offerings this Sunday, Pls help us repair our roads instead of using the money to buy private jets and big cars. U and your family fly over us with your private jets, while we perish down here. So many people have died here. Pls is it a crime or a sin if you help?”


Ubi Franklin:



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