Valid Reasons Why You Should NEVER Take A Cheating Partner Back


“Have you ever been cheated on and tried to forgive and forget?” Finding out your partner cheats can be a horrible feeling, all the trust and love will just be stripped off within seconds. “Some people do try and forgive though, but there are many reasons why you should not and even if you forgive you should never get back with a cheater.

Here are some reasons why you should never ever allow a cheater back into your life.

You will forever be worrying if he/she will be cheating on you again: Forgiving a cheater is almost as good, as giving him/her the green light cheat again. Not all cheaters will cheat again, but once he/she got away with it once, it will be even easier for him/her to do it the second time around and no matter what you will always be wondering, where he/she is and what they are doing.

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Taking he/she back is just taking the easy option: You might think that taking he/her back is being strong and fighting for the relationship but it is actually the easiest option, you will also be giving them the opportunity to walk over you again and you are better than that.

You could be risking your health: If your partner has cheated just the once, or if they are a serial cheat, you are increasing your own chances of picking up an s3xually transmitted disease. You also have to think about that.

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He/she will never respect you again: If your partner had respected you at all, then they never would have cheated on you in the first place and, if you let them back into your life again, they will respect you even less. “You’ll be setting a precedent that says that it’s acceptable to lie and to deceive, so chances are that they will do it again”.

You will lose your own self-respect: “If you take back a cheater, then a piece of your own self-respect will have been taken away from you”. You will be questioning yourself on things you might have done to make them cheat on you or if the person they cheated with is better than you thereby making you lose your self-esteem and respect gradually.

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The relationship will never be the same again: “Once the sense of trust between you and your partner is lost, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to ever regain it”. “This will probably change your whole relationship, for the worse, and those nagging doubts will always be with you, so think carefully do you really need all this mess in your life?”

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