Would You Eat Microwave Oven Prepared Eba?



Do you know Eba/Starch can be prepared using a microwave oven?

There must have been a time or two you were feeling too lazy to go through the (not so hard) process of making Eba or perhaps you ran out of gas.

Try out this quick method and tell us what you think…

Utensils Required:
A plastic bowl
Wooden spatula
Microwave oven

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How to Prepare:

  • Pour the garri into the plastic bowl and add an equal quantity of water or a little more if you want the eba softer.
  • Place it in the oven (3 – 5 minutes should do, depending on the quantity of garri).
  • When the oven beeps, remove the bowl and blend properly with your wooden spatula.
  • You may choose to re-heat or not after blending
  • Serve with desired soup

Would you eat a microwave oven prepared eba?


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