Former D’tigers captain Oyedeji talks about Basketball in Nigeria post COVID19

Former captain, D Tigers Olumide Oyedeji has stated that the return of Sporting activities will have no positive impact unless the basketball family come together as one in Nigeria.

Oyedeji who had been clamouring for unity in the basketball fraternity told that the return of sports will not change the situation of basketball in Nigeria if the unions don’t come together as one.

”Unfortunately, things are very dicey at this point but, first of all, we need to be real and realistic about this whole thing because nothing has been going on at home here in basketball recently from the past three years so with the COVID-19 just came with it and added insult on top of injuries,” Oyedeji said.

“For me, it’s still going to be the same until we have a new election and until the family of basketball come together and become one otherwise the story will remain thesame,” He said to

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