Nigeria At 60 – Who are your top 60 sports icons in the last 60 years? 

The Ministry of Youth and Development  Sports has set in motion modalities to reward excellence.

As Nigeria celebrates 60 years of Independence as a nation, it is also time to celebrate our sports heroes and heroines.


Who are your top 60 sports icons in the last 60 years?


From Football, track and field, boxing, Special Sports, wrestling, tennis, basketball, weightlifting, volleyball, handball, Taewkwando, hockey, judo, golf among others, chose sportsmen and women that have excited you the most in the last 60 years.


The ball is in your court to determine Nigeria’s 60 superstars in the last 60 years. Don’t just be a fan, be a participant. Vote now.


You can vote on various social media platforms. Keep the passion alive.


Vote the Chairman/CEO Brila Media, Dr. Larry Izamoje in the Pacesetter’s category.

You can keep voting till Tuesday, September 29th, 2020.


You can send your vote to @brilafm889 @naija60icons use #[email protected] and #brila



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