NWF Boss Daniel Igali talks about Belgrade competition plans

As the Nigerian wrestling wrestlers are preparing ahead of their post covid 19 championships in Belgrade, Federation President Daniel Igali has spoken to brila about the preparation plans.

Igali stated that three wrestlers will be going for the competition alongside their coach and himself. The former Wrestler also said close door training will take place in Ondo and Bayelsa states.

“From the 12th to 20th December this year it’s going to be the first competition after the covid19 era, Nigeria presently is planning to attend the Belgrade competition with three athletes, Odunayo, Oburududu, and Aminat Adeniyi and the coach will be Purity Akor.

“Hopefully, the Uww bureau elections will take place, right now the athletes are basically in their states in Bayelsa and Ondo and training, we will not allow access into the training premises as certified by the covid19 precautionary measures set in place by the PTF team,”

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