Virtual Football Betting Secret 2020: #1 Guide to Virtual Soccer/Football Betting

What is virtual football betting?

If you have staked on live matches before, you’ll find virtual soccer betting interesting. Virtual football is just one of the ways bettors or punters can make real money fast.

However, many people are still afraid to stake into virtual soccer claiming that’s difficult to win because the system is programmed.

Learn everything you need to know about the virtual football betting secret in this all-in-one soccer betting guide. And you will know that it’s fun and rewarding.

What is virtual football/soccer betting?

Virtual soccer betting is a computer programmed game created to mimic the real-life football experience with bettors. But unlike when you have to wait for life matches before you can place a bet, virtual football offers you an immediate avenue to stake and win any time of the day.

Virtual football allows bookmaker company to entertain and keep their customers on their website or at their various outlets and offering them a quick way to support their hustles.

With virtual football betting, you don’t have to wait for the actual football games to end.

Many sports betting companies who offer virtual football betting for their customers run the major leagues such as Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, and the Italian Seria A.

This virtual football betting interface consists of the team table, team form and team statistics.

These games are played between the interval of 3 to 5 minutes. And at the end of each game match day, you have a few minutes in-between to stake again. Bettors look at the form and statistics of the teams to stake their money. So this way they avoid losing their money.

These matches are played and winners selected based on algorithm…

Some will end up a draw and some a winner will be declared. The fact that these games run virtually makes it available 24/7 for all bettors.


How does Virtual Football operate?

Virtual football is programmed to mirror how exactly real football matches are played. A group of programmers and computer specialists are employed to study real-life football leagues and make a computerised version of it.

Virtual football operates just like real football matches. The only difference is it is totally controlled by computer.

The algorithm in the computer has been programmed by engineers who after studying the real matches were able to come up with a mirror game patterns.

Big teams are given more probability to win against small teams, the most inform teams also have higher chances of winning the match. 

Although, this is not always true as seen in the result of the matches. Sometimes, just like in the real-life matches, the weaker team can outrun and win the big teams. And the team in the bottom half or relegated zone can come up to beat the team in the first position.

So, what this means is that you should be careful with this line of thought. Because there is no guarantee that the stronger team will always win.


Benefits of virtual football betting

1. Availability: virtual football betting is always available on any bookmaker site that has integrated it to their systems, which means you can stake any time of the day as part of your daily hustles.

2. Short Duration: Virtual soccer matches are way shorter than regular real-life matches. You don’t have to wait for match day or wait for about 2hours before you know the outcome of your game. Football matches are on average of 4minutes after which you get to place another bet. 

3. More chances of winning: virtual football is unlike the real football matches where you have to wait for another round of football, which may only come once in a day. But here, if you lose the first one, you can bet again after 4minutes and win. And even if you didn’t win again, the games continue and thus your chances of winning.

4. Easy to play: there’s no special way of playing virtually. It’s entirely the same as the traditional betting. And once you understand the rudimentary aspect of betting, you’ll find virtual soccer easy to play.


Disadvantages of virtual soccer betting

Just like every other entity; virtual soccer betting also has its drawbacks. Some of which are:

1. It can lead to addiction: One of the drawbacks of virtual football betting is addiction. People can easily get addicted without realising it on time.

The pseudo-winning mentality on most bettors drives them to always keep on staking after losing and believing they can get their money back and thus, continue to gamble until they become addicted to online gambling.

2. It can lead to a waste of time: most people spend their time playing virtual football and with the pseudo-winning mentality, they tend to exhaust their time and energy on it. 

A saying goes, where your money is, us where your heart will be. And punters think, imagine all day long and sometimes lost in self fantasy.

3. It encourages social vices:

When one gets so addicted to virtual soccer, he or she can steal to get money to stake. Another thing is the joblessness it can bring to the life of a youth. It can make the youth to lose focus and render the whole day unproductive.


4. Lack of excitement: Although some punters are in because of the money. But the majority of them are football fanatics who still love to see their team winning. This feeling creates joy and excitement but it’s never felt in virtual football betting.

5. Leads to extreme poverty and indebtedness: The mentality that I can stake N100 and win 1milion has led many people to stake with all their savings hoping the next bet will cover-up. And this has dropped so many backs into poverty and some into debt.


Top virtual football bookmakers

Here are the top virtual football bookmakers in Nigeria:



How to Win Big in Virtual Football Betting

1. Learn and understand the rudiments

The mistake many new punters make is diving into the game without understanding how it works. They see people playing it and then they want to play. To successfully win in virtual football you have to learn from those people who have been staking in it for some time. During this time you can even sit and watch the pattern the algorithm uses to award winners or settle for a draw.

2. Bet With Little Amount

After you must have studied and understood the rudiments of virtual soccer betting, you can now start placing the bet. Practice makes perfect but you must do this with a little amount of money at first and then increase your stake as you understand the nitty-gritty of the game.

At this stage, you must have patience because just like every other sports betting, the more you stake the higher your winnings. Appreciate the little wins and build on it.

3. Stop chasing your losses

Chances are high you will lose out on some games many times even in a day. But when you lose, take a break, watch the pattern and try again. Virtual sports betting can make you lose all you’ve earned. Remember, you’re playing against a computer that’s been trained to do its work with data.


4. Target a particular market

To make a profit, you might need to take some time out to study the market and figure out ways to make increase profit margins. When you have a particular market that’s given you lots of returns, its advisable to stick to such market first while you learn other markets. Punters who maintain a particular virtual betting strategy make more profit from virtual football betting than those who play in many markets.


Important Information About Virtual Football Bettings

Virtual soccer does not in any way reflect current trends in real-life football. And any resemblance to real-life league standings, performances or forms is purely coincidental.


Due to licensing restrictions, the betting sites are not able to use real club names, player names or locations. This is why you’ll see the Charlton Athletes taking on the Manchester Reds rather than Charlton Athletic vs Manchester United.


The betting site doesn’t have any level of control on the result of a fixture. The results are decided using an unbiased RNG (random number generator). All bettors see the same result at a time.



Now we believe you have a better understanding of what virtual soccer/football is. Virtual football Betting is easy when you follow the rules and regulations of the game and by considering both the advantages and disadvantages. 


Make sure to always start with a small amount of money and bet only on the market you have analyzed. 

Stop chasing your losses to avoid getting addicted to the game… remember the disadvantages.

So go ahead and bet with confidence!


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